"When I met Marc, working with clients on a one on one basis charging an hourly rate was where 90% of my income came from. My goal was to move towards a more leveraged, product-based business and make more money working less hours without compromising value and quality.

The very first thing we did was create a year long, large-scale group coaching program called "Evolve." Marc helped me design the course and create the marketing message and deployment strategy to my database.  Our first year was just a test; with just a handful of well-crafted emails to my personal database, I put $31,000 in my pocket. Now, in it's second year, Evolve generated $180,000 from a strategic 10-day product launch!

My clients love the course, are getting tremendous value, and I'm more leveraged than I've ever been in my life. Moreover, my average income has increased 50% – 75% every month while working with Marc…he has been truly amazing to work with.

Perhaps what makes this relationship so special is that I know in my gut that Marc 100% believes in me and what I'm doing and the messages that I'm putting out to the world. My confidence has soared as a result. He helps me get "unstuck" and keeps me on track, and gently pushes me outside my comfort zone to take risks around my pricing, products, and program offerings. I couldn't be happier and I see us working together for a very long time together."

Carrie Contey, PhD

"I worked with Marc for three months and I am incredibly satisfied. This was the best investment I could have made in my business at the time.

Over the past three months I have seen an over 20% increase in my database (the true measure of the work in this area I don’t expect to see for another month or two as I continue to execute the strategy he has laid out for me).

In addition, I added 5 new coaching clients, all of whom signed up within a week of a well developed promotion I executed with Marc’s guidance and copywriting. This is an income boost of at least $7,500.  

What I most appreciate about working with Marc is how he pushed me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously holding my hand. As a therapist and life coach, I am good at what I do. However, after being self-employed for over 14 years, I realized that I lack some important skills as a business-person. These two dynamics were reflected in my business: I have highly satisfied clientele, with huge gaps in my schedule and income.

This is the area Marc really pushed me forward. He helped me develop strategies to build my professional network to increase referrals and business collaborations. This meant sending warm emails and phone calls to new people in order to build relationships – something I felt a tremendous amount of resistance towards. Marc created the email and phone scripts and walked me through the process until I felt comfortable.

I was amazed at the response I received. Ultimately, the strategy was hugely successful. Better yet, I still have the scripts so I can continue to develop these important new relationships. I now feel confident that I have a strong strategy for moving forward with my business.

Marc obviously knows the business world and is a great coach; that said, I feel is his biggest strength as a coach is his heart. He loves what he does and he is passionate about helping his clients achieve new levels of success. This shines through in his personality and work. 

If you have the opportunity to work with him, just do it.  You’ll enjoy the process and your business will grow.  

Jesse James Retherford


"I work with a diverse client base consisting of large corporations, non-profits and the military in the areas of leadership development and succession planning.
I started working with Marc because most of my clients have personnel across the globe and they have asked for a more efficient solution to always bringing me onsite to conduct my work; plus, I've been thinking for quite some time about how to bring some leverage and scalability into my business. I really wanted to increase my passive or leveraged income and find new ways to generate revenue without strictly having to trade my time for money

In the first 60 days we created an 8 week, online course together. I am a published author yet my writing skills do not translate well in an online medium; Marc massaged my words and ideas into a product that is polished, witty and perfect for the online venue.

Within that same time frame, I reached out to 1 former client – a nonprofit – to see if they would be interested in purchasing my new virtual course. The nonprofit dropped $5,000 without blinking and I already have a healthy return on my investment! Most importantly, the client loves the course, is getting huge value from it, and wants more. Now I'm setting my sights on my Fortune 500 clients!

Marc is the ultimate professional. He is flexible, patient and funny to work with, explains technology in a user-friendly way, gently pushes back when he thinks it's appropriate and constantly checks-in to see how things are going and what could be improved. I could not have asked for a better partner to help me enter this new arena. I am thrilled with my product and am ready to create another course immediately.

Anne Loehr

"I operate a coaching and consulting firm known as Cultures That Work. We help medium to large businesses identify their core values, create a strategic plan, and inspire all people in a company to evolve their thinking and thus make sound decisions and take consistent actions in order to achieve large goals.
I engaged Marc's services because I know I have tremendous intellectual property, yet as a small business, I can only work with a limited # of people. My objective is to create a scalable business model, leveraging technology, that would allow me to touch more people within a company, as well as more clients, and effectively communicate my concepts without sacrificing service and quality.

Marc indeed helped us accomplish this. In just 30 days, Marc helped me package my concepts and create the first of many online courses, and gave us a blueprint for duplicating our virtual courses and products. We found a great technology platform to work from and now have the ability to offer a wider array of solutions for our clients at different pricepoints. Marc has been, and continues to be, a trusted business advisor with valuable insights around how to strategically grow our business.

During our time together, with Marc's help in creating our new products, I successfully sold a 3 month package to an existing client for $30,000, and expect that to turn into a year long program totalling $120,000. To say I'm ecstatic would be an understatement! Marc is extremely professional and I expect to be doing more work with him soon. I would absolutely recommend Marc and his services to any entrepreneur or small business that wants to create a scalable business."

Dr. Craig Overmyer
Cultures That Work

"I worked with Marc on the development of my change management for managers e-coaching programme. The whole experience of working with Marc was a joy. Marc is really up for a challenge. We set ourselves the target to create a 10 module programme in 4 weeks and we did it, starting from scratch. Marc was really sharp at capturing my IP and translating it into a creative and engaging e-coaching format.
Marc is highly responsive to sensing and meeting clients’ needs. His strength in sales and marketing for these products permeated our every conversation. Working with Marc has paved the way for me to sell my change management experience in a scalable way. I am currently in talks with several large corporations to deploy my new, scalable e-coaching program. Because of my new scalability, I have opened brand new 5 and 6-figure corporate coaching opportunities and expect 2012 to be my best year yet as a result.

I am looking forward to more ongoing work with Marc to expand my e-coaching product portfolio. I highly recommend Marc and his services to any solopreneur looking to transition from service based to product based!"

Emer Wynne








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