Strategic Plan

  1. What it is: The Strategic Plan represents your overall vision and goals for your company and works backwards to custom create strategies and action steps that will offer a step-by-step guide to achieving each and every goal.  This includes timeline, who is involved and responsible for each task and what resources are needed.
  1. Benefit: The plan is strategically prioritized and organizes all actions steps along a timeline, with the most urgent tasks up front, and important but not urgent prioritized afterward.  This keeps you focused on 1 – 2 tasks at a time so you’re not overwhelmed, and it keeps you focused on the right tasks at the appropriate time, to achieve maximum progress in the shortest timeframe.
  1. How it is done: You will have a series of offline assignments to complete and then participate in one or more virtual meetings in which we 1) determine your goals, vision and purpose; 2) determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business; 3) determine who and what resources you have at your disposal to help achieve goals; 4) determine the strategies necessary to achieve your goals; 5) determine the action steps from start to finish required to execute strategies successfully. This is a usually a 3 – 4 week process.
  1. Value: $1,250


Analyze & Hone Your Core Offerings

  1. What it is: We will review what you currently offer in the way of services and conduct surveys and research to determine what it is your target audience wants versus what it is you think they need.  Often times these 2 differ greatly and are the cause of sluggish sales.  We will then offer our recommendations for altering or adding on products or services that better align with what your target audience actually wants.
  1. Benefit: Most businesses are too busy, unaware (or simply too lazy) to survey and research their target audience.  Knowing what your target audience wants is a critical step in achieving maximum sales.  Our work will research and confirm what it is they want and give you certainty in that your audience actually wants what it is you offer.  Depending on the discrepancy between what you are offering and what your target audience wants, new targeted offerings could result in dramatic sales increases.  This process is a key step in the product launch process.
  1. How it is done: Our expert team will determine who your target audience is and survey them both formally and informally.  We will then aggregate that information and present it to you as the basis for our recommendations of potentially altering or adding to your core service offerings, and then work with you to develop new or hybrid products and services that will be more attractive to your target audience.  This process usually runs 30 days.
  1. Value: $1,250


Product Development

  1. What it is: Takes your intellectual property (IP) – your knowledge, ideas, and concepts – that you normally deliver via service (coaching, training, speaking, workshop facilitation, etc…), and turns them into a physical (i.e. cd or dvd series) and/or digital product, or a hybrid of product and service.
  1. Benefit: You create a new stream of income that is potentially passive and not dependent on trading your time.  You instantly become scalable and can offer your IP to a large # of people all at once.  This immediately opens the door for larger, higher income opportunities. 
  1. How it is done: You will send all of your IP that is currently documented (books, websites, documents, brochures, interviews, audio recordings, videos, etc…) to us.  We will then schedule a determined # of virtual meetings to ask questions and elicit any additional information necessary to capture your IP.  Then our team goes to work to create your products.  You are involved every step of the way to ensure we’re properly representing your IP.   In most cases it makes sense to create digital products; however, we are prepared to do both digital and physical products if it makes sense to do so. This can take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months, depending on the size and scope of the project.
  1. Value: $3,000


Total Technology Integration

  1. What it is: Looks at all of your existing technology (such as website, auto-responder, shopping cart/merchant services, forum, community or membership site, webinar/teleseminar platforms, blog, newsletter, tracking & analytics, etc…) and determines 1) If you have the right solutions or if you need additional technology solutions; 2) If the solutions you currently have are best serving you or if there is a simpler, cheaper, more integrated, cost-effective solution that can serve your needs.
  1. Benefit: Our experience and breadth of technology awareness often times allows us to engage technology that integrates several different solutions all onto 1 platform, saving you money.  Also, when moving to a product-based business model, it is critical to give the consumer a simple, enjoyable, easy to navigate, seamless experience; we will professionally test the customer experience and ensure a superior experience.  This process will also ensure you don’t have any important technology missing that may be inhibiting sales or exposure.
  1. How it is done: Our expert team will review all of your technology and based on your goals and strategic plans, make recommendations for adding, eliminating or changing technology solutions.  All recommendations will come with thorough explanations, examples and costs (if applicable).  With your approval, we will then implement changes and/or additions to your existing technology suite.  30 – 60 days, depending on size and scope of necessary changes/additions. (NOTE: investment does not include cost for new design, web programming or additional technology).
  1. Value: $750


Product Launch

Copywriting & Messaging

  1. What it is: We will collaboratively create all of the public messages that your target audience gets exposed to.  This includes emails, newsletters, blogs, articles, facebook posts, web pages,  etc… This is a collaborative process to ensure all messages are in your voice and are absolutely authentic.
  1. Benefit: This is one of the most important and proprietary aspects to the entire product launch process.  There is a very strategic structure to each message, and will stimulate emotions in a way that compel people to take action and buy!
  1. How it is done: Once we have the strategic plan completed and product offering honed, we'll outline all the messages that need to be sent publicly to the target audience and begin crafting messages.  We'll send them to you for editing and feedback to ensure we're capturing your voice and you will give us the green light to send each message out before we send it out.


Promotional Video Storyboarding 

  1. What it is: One of the key elements to the product launch is the incorporation of strategically designed and sequenced promotional videos that stimulate emotion, offer value, demonstrate success and build trust. We will collaborate to design each promotional video including video footage needed, imagery, music and voice narration.  Then we'll outsource the design to our videographer resource to pull it all together and create the actual videos.  
  1. Benefit: Perhaps the biggest benefit is having tremendous experience in knowing what truly moves people emotionally and thus what inspires people to take action and buy.  We draw from our vast experience to stimulate ideas and sequence the video strategically to maximize results. 
  1. How it is done: This requires collaboration and thus time.  We'll spend multiple sessions together and pulling from our experience and based on what we are offering and who are target audience is, we'll storyboard a series of videos that identify the live video footage, images, text, music and voice narration, all perfectly sequenced to make it simple and efficient for a videographer to create the final product. (NOTE: investment does not include cost for video recording and editing).
  1. Total Value: $4,200


Grow Your Database

Front Page Website Analysis & Makeover

  1. What it is: We will review the front page of your website and assess effectiveness in terms of lead generation and lead capture as well as for style and appearance.
  1. Benefit: You have 5 seconds to capture attention online when people land on your website for the first time.  Our assessment will maximize the length of time spent on your page and most importantly design powerful “lead magnets” that capture attention and give away valuable offer(s) in exchange for contact information.  This process is the most important, online, organic lead capture strategy you can have, and will be an important lead generation strategy that will drive new leads.
  1. How it is done: Our expert team will review your website and current (if available) analytics and by comparison will determine if your front page is doing an effective job of lead generation and lead capture.  We will provide examples for you of high-performing lead-magnets.  We will then propose a new frontpage layout and design and lead magnet strategy with mock up for your review and sign off.  Then we’ll project manage the new design.  This usually runs 45 – 60 days. (NOTE: The investment does not include cost for design/programming).


Additional Database Growth

  1. What it is: We will identify and execute strategies to grow your database and maximize your exposure leading up to the product launch in order to maximize sales and revenue.  Many of these strategies can be used beyond the launch to continue to grow your database and following.
  1. Benefit: Increased sales and revenue; new strategic relationships that will pay dividends long after the product launch ends; some of the strategies are highly leveraged (such as joint ventures) and depending on the relationship can cause a quantum leap in your overall list.
  1. How it is done: Strategies include: front page website makeover with strategic opt in box and free gift; joint tele-seminars and webinars; social media strategies; blogging & guest blogging; Facebook advertising; and more.  (Depending on the situation, all of these strategies are used or only a handful; every client is different). 
  1. Value: $3,000

NOTE: Because just about all of these phases of the overall Sell Your Brilliance Process are systemic and linked to each other, I rarely execute any one phase on a one-off basis.  I usually set up 3 – 6 month relationships, depending on the scope of the project, and execute all areas of the process.

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