The Sell Your Brilliance™ purpose is to help you transition from a service-based business to a more product-driven business

If you want to stop trading time for money you’re in the right place.

If you want freedom you’re in the right place. 

The Sell Your Brilliance™ process strategically captures and documents your intellectual property. Then, we collaboratively create products and hybrid offerings (such as large scale group coaching programs or high-end Mastermind groups, etc…) that bring your knowledge and wisdom to the world without having to strictly trade your time to do it, and without compromising value or client experience.

The result is a life-changing alteration of your business model that gives you the freedom you desire and deserve.

If this sounds like a vision you’d like to pursue, then download your FREE copy of our Brilliance Blueprint – A step by step guide to becoming scalable and leveraged – and receive regular “brilliance building” updates and ideas!

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About Marc

I am an entrepreneur with expertise in sales, marketing and business development strategy and execution. 

Several years ago I decided never to be on anyone’s payroll ever again, which means I have to generate business and income for myself – experience that serves as the foundation for my consulting work.


Here are some notable history and career highlights:

  • Graduated Butler University with a BS in Finance, with honors;
  • Played professional lacrosse in England (1999);
  • Captain of every athletic team I’ve ever been a part of;
  • Rookie real estate salesperson of the year (2000);
  • Made over 100,000 cold calls in my career, ranging from consumers to CEOs;
  • Performed over 800 small and large group presentations;
  • Achieved an average platform sales conversion rate of 40% over a 5 year period (selling a $700 3-day seminar);
  • Trained & coached over 10,000 salespeople, entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • Helped build a B2B software business from scratch, generating over 100 clients in 1 year;
  • Voted Best Overall Camper in Woodcraft camp, summer of 1986 (10 years old).

I now work with a handful of clients implementing Brilliance Blueprint™ tactics helping them create time freedom and increase both revenue and profit. 

Click here to read about some of my client’s experiences.

My learning never stops.  If there is a book, cd or seminar on sales, marketing, leadership or personal development, chances are I’ve read it, listened to it or participated in it.  I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my self-education and pride myself on being a lifelong learner.

My greatest passion is connecting with people of like mind and values and building long-term, win-win, fruitful and fun relationships. 

When I’m not growing with a business partner, I’m home or travelling with my beautiful wife, Kristen, and my two amazing daughters, Elizabeth and Aly.


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